Professional Wound & Stoma Management

WoundNet is a network of qualified advanced wound care and stomaltherapy practitioners who offer combined experience, training, and consistent care to ensure the best wound and stoma care solution for you.

Wound management is crucial to successful healing

We believe in a holistic approach to wound healing and we consider all influencing factors when treating your wound. Not only do WoundNet practitioners work closely with doctors, families and caregivers, but we keep up to date on all new wound management training and have direct access to the best wound care products on the market.

Stoma support for patients adjusting to life with a stoma

Our stoma team is dedicated to providing the best quality care to new and existing stoma patients. We understand the importance of providing correct pre-operative information for correct stoma siting, formation and enhanced recovery. We support patients and carers by teaching practical stoma management and can provide the best stoma care products from a wide range of suppliers on an on-going basis.