join WoundNet

A passionate team of dedicated private nursing practitioners that recognise the benefits of working as a team, rather than working in isolation.

Are you a registered nursing practitioner with a passion for wound care?

WoundNet strives to offer the best healthcare service to our patients. We do this by pooling our resources, knowledge, and efforts, allowing more time to do the work that we love best.

In order to join WoundNet you will need to be registered with the South African Nursing Council as a Registered Professional Nurse, have completed studies through one of the Wound Healing Association of South Africa (WHASA) approved wound care courses (or show proof of intention to do so within the next year), and be registered with WHASA and SPNP.

We will also require you to undergo extensive training:

  • Formally through the University of the Free state; University of Toronto; or the University of Hertfordshire.
  • Informally through a rigorous mentorship program.

Find out if you qualify to join our caring, committed and dedicated team.